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Tightness of the neck muscles causing a head tilt or head turn preference.

Delayed Motor Milestones

Movement delays preventing children from reaching age-specific targeted milestones.

Flat Head Syndrome

Flatness of an infant’s head due to positioning, immobility, or other causes.

Oral Ties and Infant Airway

Tissues of the mouth restricting tongue or lip movement making feeding from the breast or a bottle difficult for the infant.

About The Company

Iluminar Physical Therapy is an outpatient physical therapy practice serving the Philadelphia metropolitan area.

Our doctorate-level providers are licensed in Pennsylvania and will begin serving families in New Jersey in 2024.

We are a family-centered practice offering physical therapy services tailored specifically for children from infancy to five years old. Our goal is to shed light on your child’s movement challenges and provide clear insights and evidence-based solutions to help them move optimally.

Expert Therapists

Meet your Guide:

Hi family! My name is Dr. Kindra Scott. I’m a pediatric Physical Therapist, mother of four, and wife to a really, really awesome husband.

I’ve been helping little ones get better for 15 years. I went to school for a really long time to learn all the best ways to deliver quality care to our smallest, most vulnerable population–children. For those who care, here’s the resume (for those who don’t, head over to the next paragraph):

I graduated first from Old Dominion University in 2003 with a Bachelor’s of Science. I later attended Temple University where I graduated with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2007. After graduating from Temple University, I dabbled in adult care for many years before carving a path to pediatrics—my first and original love.

I’ve worked for national children’s hospitals in Baltimore (Kennedy Krieger Institute) and Philadelphia (The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia), I’ve worked in school districts, Early Intervention homecare settings, and now private practice. To say that I love children and family is an understatement. Coming to work is a joy and quite therapeutic for me. I look forward to serving your family.

Our Patients Love Us

Emily Miluski Pitts
Emily Miluski Pitts
Dr. Kindra Scott is an absolute lifesaver and a true gem. As brand new parents navigating the challenges of caring for our little one, her support and understanding were nothing short of indispensable. From the moment we stepped into Iluminar Physical Therapy, we knew we were in good hands. Our 3-month-old struggled with extreme tension in his back and neck after a traumatic birth, making breastfeeding a daily battle. Dr. Scott's expertise and compassionate approach immediately put us at ease. She not only addressed our baby's physical needs with skill and precision but also provided us with the emotional support and reassurance we desperately needed during those early days. What truly sets Dr. Scott apart is her willingness to go above and beyond for her patients. After several appointments in her office, she recognized the importance of providing care in the comfort of our own home. Not only did she come to us, but she also became an instant friend to our dog, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere that made every session feel like a visit from a trusted friend. Thanks to Dr. Scott's guidance, our baby's frustration melted away, and he blossomed into a confident breastfeeder. She then supported us in navigating the transition from a Snoo to a regular crib and on improving our baby's flexibility and mobility, setting the stage for future milestones like crawling. Dr. Scott's holistic approach, combined with her genuine care and understanding, made all the difference for our family. We are forever grateful for her unwavering support and expertise. If you're looking for a physical therapist who truly cares about your baby's well-being and understands the unique challenges of new parenthood, look no further than Dr. Kindra Scott and Iluminar Physical Therapy.
Colin Campbell
Colin Campbell
Dr. Scott has a wonderful disposition and takes her craft very seriously. It is clearly evident that Dr. Scott has chosen the right profession as she exudes empathy for children in need. She truly is a wonderful soul and her desire for the improvement in functioning of her little patients is unmatched. Your child is in excellent hands with Dr. Scott. The BEST!!!
Tiffani Vaughan
Tiffani Vaughan
Our daughter had a tendency to favor one side so we reached out to Dr. Scott to proactively address the potential tightness causing her head tilt. It was also creating bottle challenges which we needed corrected imminently due to daycare- and by bottle challenges I mean not taking a bottle AT ALL! Dr. Scott was very patient with our girl and helped us understand the how behind some of her physical delays. She gave us exercises to help address as well as a ton of positive reinforcement, which we desperately needed. After about 6 weeks of weekly sessions, our daughter’s mobility increased significantly and her held tilt disappeared. She is also taking full feeds from a bottle multiple times a day which has been amazing. We can’t say enough about our time with Dr. Scott. She’s a wonderful practitioner who is great with both kids and parents alike.
Jason Kessler
Jason Kessler
Highly recommend Dr Scott !!! We were recommended physical therapy by our pediatrician for our sons toriticollis. Dr Scott performed an initial evaluation and was incredibly helpful and supportive throughout treatment. During each session she was extremely patient and receptive to our child’s mood to continue exercises. Dr Scott provided coaching and guidance to work on weekly stretches, which was helpful as we progressed and saw improvement with his mobility. He is now taking off and no longer frustrated! She is the best!!
Hilary Schultz
Hilary Schultz
I had concerns that my 8.5 month old was delayed in general movement. He was able to roll front to back, but that was about it! I emailed Kindra Scott and she called me about 15 mins after I sent my email. She is SO friendly and actually listened to me and my concerns, like really listened. I had 1 session with Kindra, and she gave me a few tips on how to help my son learn to transition from laying to sitting and how to strengthen his arms to prepare for crawling. She also explained (in normal human words lol) the science and logic behind development in babies, to help me understand. Within about 2 days of meeting with her, my son was able to sit from laying position! And within about 2 weeks after that he was crawling! I can't believe how much the exercises and the general knowledge she gave me helped my son. She is the best.
Heidi Schwartz
Heidi Schwartz
Dr. Scott is an incredible physical therapist. She basically taught our son to crawl, all through virtual sessions. And she has the kindest, warmest personality. We could not be happier or more grateful for her care.

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