About Us

iluminar verb


  1. to furnish with light; illuminate 
  2. to make clear

We go beyond the scope of traditional physical therapy by applying a whole-body approach to ensure your child’s optimal development. Our approach to physical therapy starts with assessing your child thoroughly from head to toe. We don’t focus solely on the perceived issue, we dig, we pry, we ask questions (and lots of them). We evaluate several systems of your child’s body to find imbalances that may be contributing to the perceived issue—the reason why you sought physical therapy care for your child in the first place.

Once we uncover the problem, we make a plan with your input. We provide the guidance, medical knowledge, and support needed to help you, parents and caregivers, advocate for your child’s most optimal development and mobility.

We Specialize in Pediatric Physical Therapy. Located in Philadelphia.


We value families working together for the benefit of their child. When feasible, we encourage all caregivers and important people in a child’s life to attend at least one session to learn how they can assist the child in improving. At Iluminar Physical Therapy, we empower parents as they assist their child in accomplishing his or her goals. Similarly, we encourage the child through positive affirmations and encouragement.

Our Approach

Plan to set aside at least one hour for the first visit. During the evaluation, you will have the opportunity to express your concerns and reasons for seeking physical therapy care for your child.

Your provider will perform a head-to-toe evaluation of your child which can include taking measurements, taking pictures for data collection, and observing your child’s movements. Following the evaluation, your child’s provider will discuss the findings obtained and the best course of treatment for your child including an estimated timeframe for goal achievement.

Core Values

Efficiency. We strive to operate seamlessly and provide the best care possible. We use technology to streamline our administrative processes so that care is implemented without delay.

Generosity. We go the extra mile to serve the needs of our clients.

Commitment. We are committed to the success of our clients and work with them to achieve their rehabilitation goals.

Healing. We value the whole person: spirit, soul, and body. Full health is a lifestyle. A whole person is a healthy person.

Family. We value the bond of family. We offer a caring and nurturing environment for all who walk through our doors.