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Head turn preferences are common but that doesn’t mean they are normal. A head turn preference in infancy could be the result of fascial or muscular restrictions in the body or visual or neurological conditions.

Flat Head Syndrome

Your baby’s head should be round and symmetric. If you were to draw an imaginary line down the middle of the baby’s head then compare both sides, any dents, or lumps on the left side should also be on the right.

Delayed Motor Milestones

Delayed motor (movement) milestones strike many kids at different points of life but when should you be concerned? Perhaps you were a late walker. Perhaps you never crawled. There are several developmental milestones lists available online. These lists can be overwhelming if your child is not hitting all her age-suggested targets.

Oral Ties

The culprit could be an oral tie better known as tethered oral ties (TOTs). If your baby’s tongue is tethered to the floor of his mouth, it can be difficult to create the seal and suction power to suckle from a breast or a bottle. If your baby is working hard to breast- or bottle feed, he might fall asleep frequently because he’s working so hard. You might also notice long feeds lasting 45 minutes or more.

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Meet Your Guide:

Hi family! My name is Dr. Kindra Scott. I’m a pediatric Physical Therapist, mother of four, and wife to a really, really awesome husband.

I’ve been helping little ones get better for 15 years. I went to school for a really long time to learn all the best ways to deliver quality care to our smallest, most vulnerable population–children. For those who care, here’s the resume (for those who don’t, head over to the next paragraph):

I graduated first from Old Dominion University in 2003 with a Bachelor’s of Science. I later attended Temple University where I graduated with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2007. After graduating from Temple University, I dabbled in adult care for many years before carving a path to pediatrics—my first and original love.

I’ve worked for national children’s hospitals in Baltimore (Kennedy Krieger Institute) and Philadelphia (The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia), I’ve worked in school districts, Early Intervention homecare settings, and now private practice. To say that I love children and family is an understatement. Coming to work is a joy and quite therapeutic for me. I look forward to serving your family.

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symmetry is everything and the basis for optimal movement patterns


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