Flat Head Syndrome

Has your infant developed a flat spot on her head? Is one side of your baby’s head more prominent (or pointy) than the other side?

Your baby’s head should be round and symmetric. If you were to draw an imaginary line down the middle of the baby’s head then compare both sides, any dents, or lumps on the left side should also be on the right.

If you notice an oddity related to your baby’s head shape, don’t ignore it, or wish it away—there’s a precious brain growing inside.

Several Options

There are several treatment options that we can explore to improve your child’s head shape. And guess what…they don’t all involve a helmet.

Regardless of the treatment intervention, early treatment is key for optimal head reshaping.

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The shape of your baby’s head will change quite a bit until about two years of age with the most changes taking place in the early months of development.
So don’t “wait and see.” You, dear parents, already “see” something is not right. Address this condition early for best results. Give our office a call to schedule an evaluation.