Oral Ties and Infant Airway

Do you have an excessively fussy baby? Are you concerned with returning to work but your baby won’t take a bottle? Is breastfeeding painful, challenging, or 45 minutes per feeding?

There could be several culprits: an oral tie or compromised airway affecting his breathing or both.

Oral ties, better known as tethered oral ties (TOTs), involve the restriction of movement of your child’s tongue, upper lip, or both. Such restrictions can make feeding difficult as the powerhouse of the mouth–the tongue–can’t do its job efficiently or effectively. In these cases, many children experience fatigue and therefore fall asleep or take longer than normal to finish a bottle or empty mom’s breast.

Infant Airway and Breathing

If an airway obstruction is suspected, parents might notice frequent reflux, colic, spitting up through the nose, open mouth breathing, grunting, holding of breath, and more.

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