Does your baby have a head turn preference? Have you noticed that your baby tilts his head to one side no matter what position he’s in?

Head turn preferences are common but that doesn’t mean they are normal. A head turn preference in infancy could be the result of fascial or muscular restrictions in the body or visual or neurological conditions.

No matter the cause, it’s important to get to the root of the issue and start treatment immediately.

Early Treatment

Early treatment decreases your child’s risk for developing a flat spot on the skull, delayed movement milestones, and more.

We begin treatment for Torticollis as early as one week old and in many cases of mild torticollis, many infants experience resolution to the condition in as little as 4-6 visits (results vary by child and severity).

However, the longer one waits to initiate treatment, the longer it can take to resolve the issue.

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Whether your child is four weeks or six months old, we encourage you to get this condition resolved so that your child is not limited with movement in any way.
If left untreated, Torticollis can put stresses on the spine that alter its alignment, cause movement delays, contribute to skull flattening, and more.

We urge you to get help for your child today.